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1. For exam related concerns and queries contact the office of the registrar of exams, KU.
(regexamku@gmail.com, 08282-257301, 08282-257426,08282-257396)
2. For issues related to online entry contact logisys.helpdesk@gmail.com
3. Other queries related to marks card ,convocation, IA contact the office of registrar of exams, KU
4. For matters related to issuance of migration certificate , bonafide certificate contact the office of the Directorate of Distance Education, KU
(directorddeku@gmail.com, info@kuvempuuniversitydde.com, 08282-256450)

About UET

Universal Education Trust (UET) is the collaborator of Kuvempu University (KU) for Programmes on Information Technology, viz., B.Sc.(IT), M.Sc.(IT) & B.Sc.(ITIM), under the Directorate of Distance Education (DDE) . UET is headed by eminent academicians well-versed in the field of Technical Education across the country.

UET has the responsibility of providing the requisite course material as well as providing academic and administrative support to the above programme. UET has mobilised a Technical Advisory Board consisting of eminent & experienced Computer Experts both from Industries and Educational Institutions, to design and steer the IT-programmes of Kuvempu University. The Curricula, Course Material and Regulations are thoroughly discussed and evolved in consultation with IT-industries keeping in tune with the fast-changing technological innovations

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